Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Pebble?

Pebble is a web app that allows you to personalize your passive investment strategies using a technique called Direct Indexing. You tell us what you want to own (or not own) and how much to invest and we calculate everything else and our brokerage executes your trades quickly and efficiently.

The aim is to stay safely passively indexed but construct a portfolio to suit your needs and circumstances.

Simple. Safe. Smart.

Who is Pebble for?

Everyone! But seriously Pebble is for anyone who wants to manage their investments very cheaply and safely but also add some of their individual circumstances or personal context to their investments.

If you have investments and don’t want to pay a lot of fees but do want to customize and personalize those investments, Pebble could be perfect for you.

We have no minimums, low fees and have specifically built a user experience for any level of investing knowledge.

What is Direct Indexing?

Direct indexing is actually a well established technique of buying all the individual components of an index rather than a pre packaged product such as an ETF or mutual fund that tracks the index itself.

This structure allows easy and quick customization.

For more, see our blog post here.

What brokers do Pebble work with?

Pebble currently works with Alpaca, a commission-free stock trading platform. We plan to add more brokers over time. 

Learn more about Alpaca here.

Is Pebble a Robo Advisor?

No, Pebble is not a robo-advisor. Pebble is a software platform that helps self-directed investors express their personal preferences in their investment portfolios without charging high fees.

Why does Pebble focus so much on excluding rather than including individual stocks?

We believe you should stay passively invested across a wide range of companies and assets. We want you to remain diversified and have a broad and balanced portfolio.

However, we also believe that most people want their portfolio to reflect their personal values and priorities. So, we start you with the entire S&P 500 (just over 500 names) and then allow you to slim down.

Can I manage someone else’s accounts?

Yes, you can manage a family member’s account.