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Pebble’s innovative technologies streamline critical portfolio management tasks to improve efficiency while delivering deeper insights.

Solutions For The Financial Industry

Asset Management

The “Why” Behind Performance

Turn the ritual of portfolio analysis from hours-per-week into minutes. Pebble Explain synthesizes news, research and events with your unique investment process.

Wealth Management

Give Your Advisors Super Powers

Delivering personal attention to hundreds of clients shouldn’t be a challenge. Pebble Explain helps you instantly answer what’s moving and why with each portfolio.

Retail Brokerage

Premium Investing Experience

Investors can buy stocks anywhere. Only with Pebble Construct and Explain can you create a premium experience that thinks and speaks like your customers.

Our Technologies

Pebble Explain

The Future Of Investment Insights

Pebble Explain brings securities and fund performance to life by offering nuanced explanations grounded in truth and customized to be understood by your audience.

Easily understand performance trends, enriched with additional context from news articles seamlessly integrated into each narrative to answer questions like -  “why is my portfolio performing the way it is?”

Pebble Construct

Make Investing Feel Natural

Instantly convert an investment thesis into an investable index, featuring a personalized basket of stocks with strategic weights. You can also start with an established fund and customize it by excluding companies that don't align with your criteria, or add others that do.

Pebble Construct offers a practical approach to creating investment portfolios that truly reflect individual preferences and ethical considerations.

Built For Enterprise

Security & Privacy

Pebble technologies are self-hostable meaning your data never leaves your network.

Customized Voice

Connect your in-house data with an AI tuned to meet your product and compliance requirements.

Trust & Transparency

Easy to understand output is thoughtfully connected to the underlying sources of truth.

Every Second Counts

By actively reducing reliance on LLMs Pebble achieves greater scalability, faster latency and reduced cost.

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