Pebble raises $5M to make investing more personal

Seed round will help level the playing field for self-directed investors

In 2021 a group of fintech veterans set out on a mission to level the playing field for the self-directed investor.  We believe our financial investments should respect our values, reflect our ideas and bend to our will instead of bending to the greater market.  Today, we’re thrilled to announce that Pebble has reached an important milestone - we closed our seed round!

Stepping back - we are at a historically important inflection point for the financial industry.  It’s an industry that was built by and for, collectively, our parents’ generation.  An industry that doesn’t yet embrace our generation’s expectations for ease, transparency and complete control.  This needs to change - we all demand it.

Last year we introduced the “pebble” - a personalized index ETF that better reflects your ideas, values and individuality - custom-tailored to you and all from the convenience of your pocket.  In an instant it became not only possible, but super easy, to drop companies whose policies you don’t support while still broadly investing in everything else. The simplicity, safety and ease of passive investing made for those of us with active opinions.

To all of you who crafted your first personalized ETFs in the beta app or popped into our slack community to express your unique ideas and individual values…


The idea of Pebble didn’t stop there or with us, frankly. The creativity and diversity of ideas we discovered within the Pebble community were vast, genuinely individual and went well beyond simply removing companies.  We met urban diehards loving their city and passionate about investing in companies thriving in their backyards.  We met individuals with family members managing chronic medical conditions interested in investing in companies actively doing research that could help their loved ones.  And everything in between.

Inspired by what we’ve learned from the community, we’re excited to invest this seed round into supporting an even wider breadth of ideas that can be individually expressed into pebbles - while making the experience more straightforward and natural. In addition we are expanding the ability to “pebble” your ideas to a greater number of brokerage institutions.

This seed round came from some extraordinary firms - NextView, Jump Capital and Cendana. Like us, they share a common vision for the future of finance - one that’s designed around the individual. One where we all can easily and safely invest without compromising our unique values or preferences.

Join us as we make financial markets easier to understand and entirely personal for a new wave of investors. The future of self-directed investing is here!


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